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Shulem - Autographed CD

Shulem - Autographed CD


The debut album "Shulem" is a masterful body of work that showcases Shulem’s diverse musical abilities in full force as he takes on a wide span of styles and genres. This release marks the first album from Shulem, whose viral YouTube performances earned him an enthusiastic fan base eagerly awaiting his debut album. From fresh compositions and older classics to upbeat contemporary melodies, “Shulem” spans time itself, and has something for everyone.

  • Track List

    1.    Ani Maamin
    2.    Kuritz
    3.   Kesheniver
    4.   Umar Reb Yoisi
    5.    L'funov
    6.    V'sein Buni
    7.    Vil Nor
    8.    V'chol Huom
    9.    V'al Yedei
    10.    Chad Gadyu
    11.    Tniyeleh

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