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The Perfect Dream - Digital Download

The Perfect Dream - Digital Download


Inspired by his roots in Jewish traditional music, Shulem has been blessed with a voice able to inspire and uplift anyone who hears him sing.  Whether it be words drawn from ancient texts or the most contemporary of melodies, Shulem can impart a message that touches hearts and minds in audiences around the world, no matter their tradition, faith, or practice. Shulem’s debut singles, “Bring Him Home” (from Les Miserables) and the traditional Jewish anthem, “Jerusalem of Gold,” introduce his singular voice to a wider audience.

  • Track List

    1. Jerusalem Of Gold

    2. Bring Him Home

    3. Face The Unknown

    4. God Bless America

    5. Avinu Malkeinu

    6. Peace Wanted Just To Be Free

    7. The Prayer

    8. The Perfect Dream

    9. When You Believe [feat. Byu Vocal Point]

    10. Chad Gadya

    11. You’ll Never Walk Alone

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